16/09/2019 · VPN access is granted automatically in most cases. Additionally, VPN access can be granted to collaborators, visitors, etc. who are not affiliated with LS departments. If you need to request VPN access for someone outside of LS, please submit a ticket .

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25/09/2018 · In the portal field type in vpn.engr.ucdavis.edu; It will then will ask for your Kerberos user name and password to authenticate to the Engineering VPN and the web address of the portal. Check “Remember Me” if you would like the VPN to save your credentials. Click “Sign In” and Global Protect will connect you to the VPN. Per UC Davis Cyber Safety policies, service ports on the Library VPN have been restricted to web browsing and email only. Other Internet applications, such as FTP or SSH, to external services will not function until the Library VPN is disconnected. It is our recommendation to connect to the Library VPN when needing to access electronic resources and then disconnected once your search is 2. Configure Global Protect to connect to portal vpn.engr.ucdavis.edu 3. Enter your KerberosID/kerberospassphrase ECE Undergradate Students: Connect to the UC Davis Library VPN prior to establishing an RDP or SSH remote server connection. 1. Download and install Pulse Secure Client 2. Configure Pulse Secure to connect to vpn.library.ucdavis.edu 14/04/2020 · Campus VPN Campus provided VPN service hosted by the data center. It is a split tunnel of to campus, so only traffic to campus will be routed through the VPN tunnel. Note: you can not access library resources using this VPN. Installation instructions and notes can be found here, https://resources

10/01/2020 · You will be prompted to enter your UC Davis credentials (UC Davis LoginID and Kerberos Passphrase). The "Server:" field should be set to: vpn.dss.ucdavis.edu; Click the "Connect" button to connect to the VPN. How to disconnect from the VPN. Find the OpenVPN icon in your system tray (lower right corner of the screen). The icon looks like an

Using the library VPN Client, current UC Davis students, faculty, and employees may access our licensed resources from off campus with their UCD LoginID. The UC Davis Library catalog, Melvyl catalog, and other free resources are open to all and do not require use of the VPN.