How to Delete and Remove a Route Rule from Windows Routing

route(8) - Linux man page Name route - show / manipulate the IP routing table Synopsis. route [-CFvnee] delete a route. add add a new route. target the destination network or host. You can provide IP addresses in dotted decimal or host/network names. -net the target is a network. Not able to delete the route on one of the server Sep 29, 2013 How to use route command on RHEL/CentOS Linux • LinTut

How to use route command on RHEL/CentOS Linux • LinTut

Oracle Linux Add route delete route default gateway | IT You can add default gateway to the linux like below. route add default gw . If you want to delete default gateway you can execute like following script. route delete default gw eth1 . You can add routing and gateway settings like below. route add -net gw

Note: Route uses a routing socket and the new message types RTM_ADD, RTM_DELETE, and RTM_CHANGE. As such, only the root user may modify the routing tables. If the flush or -f command is specified, route will "flush," or clear, the routing tables of all gateway entries. One can choose to flush only those routes whose destinations are of a given

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