The Chromebook encrypts this data using tamper-resistant hardware, making it very difficult for anyone to access those files. Recovery Mode. If anything goes wrong with a Chromebook, you can simply push a button or use a quick keyboard combination to enter recovery mode and restore the operating system to a known good version. What is a Chromebook? | Chromebook vs Laptops | Lenovo UK What is a Chromebook? The name says it all. The thing that makes a Chromebook different from other laptop PCs is the Chrome operating system, which is designed to utilize mostly online applications and storage rather than programs and files loaded onto an internal hard drive. The result is a new category of laptop that is very thin, very light -- and very popular. Chromebooks | Google for Education

Chromebook vs iPad. The Chromebook and iPad are very different prospects, running different operating systems (Chrome vs iOS), but there are plenty of similarities between the two.

The Chromebook value formula. All right, first things first — a little pertinent context to this whole situation: With Android, most devices are expected to receive operating system updates for

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