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Virtual-private-network dictionary definition | virtual A private network configured within a public network such as the Internet or a carrier's network. Years ago, virtual private networks (VPNs) obsoleted private lines between company branches. Using data encryption to maintain privacy, VPNs also allow mobile users access to the company LAN. What is dynamic multipoint VPN (DMVPN)? - Definition from A dynamic multipoint virtual private network (DMVPN) is a secure network that exchanges data between sites without needing to pass traffic through an organization's … Virtual Private Network (VPN) | An Introduction

VPN stands for "virtual private network" – a service that encrypts your internet traffic and protects your online identity. Find out how it works.

VPN definition is - a private computer network that functions over a public network : virtual private network. How to use VPN in a sentence.

A virtual private network (Virtual Private Network, or VPN) is a technology that creates an encrypted connection through a less secure network. The advantage of using a secure VPN is that it guarantees the right level of security for connected systems when the underlying network infrastructure alone can …

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