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Logging network traffic. Hot Network Questions Extracting Windows 10 license keys from machines What is the distinction between flow separation and turbulent flow? Each mathematician has only a few tricks For a Pact of the Chain warlock, is choosing to have their familiar attack generally the worse option for the warlock's action?

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debian - What can I use to monitor and log incoming I am a little confused by this, so I would like to run some kind of logging utility on the machine that will not only confirm the upload/download figures, but also split them up by the remote host involved, so I can see if a large proportion of the incoming traffic is from one particular source. UniFi - Methods for Capturing Useful Debug Information · Capturing LAN Traffic. Use eth1 for the USG model and eth0 for USG Pro. sudo tcpdump -npi eth# · Capturing WAN Traffic. Use eth0 for the USG model and eth2 for USG Pro. sudo tcpdump -npi eth# · Capturing VPN traffic (VTI-based). On VTI-based VPNs, each tunnel will be assigned a VTI. The tunnel must be up for this command to output properly. 1.