Its like being your own ISP (Internet Service Provider). If your Linux box is connected to the Internet, then the users will also be connected to the Internet. Your Linux box becomes a router. This is also known as RAS (Remote Access Services) in the Microsoft world. In the Linux world its called PPP (Point to Point Protocol).

I have created a Linux PPPoE server on CentOS release 5.4 (Final) x86_64 machine (Linux 2.6.18-164.el5 #1 SMP). I have also established the PPPoE connection successfully. However, ping to server from client using ppp interface fails, while server could ping client successfully. Server ppp IP: Client ppp IP: Version 5.1 of the Xyplex terminal server software, according to Xyplex, has numerous problems with PPP. It is strongly recommended that you update the Xyplex software to at least version 5.3. If you must use version 5.1, then use the pppd option " vj-max-slots 3 " to limit the number of slots to three. Authentication with PPP With PPP, each system may require its peer to authenticate itself using one of two authentication protocols: the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP), and the Challenge Handshake Authentication … - Selection from Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition [Book] Hi after searching all the internet i still haven't got an idea of how a ppp server works or even better i still haven't got an idea off what it is properly So 2 questions what is tha and how it works | The UNIX and Linux Forums

How To Set Up Linux As A Dial-In Server

A LTE modem can be presented to the operating system in several ways. The legacy way is to emulate a legacy analog modem: in that case, the modem will present one serial (TTY) interface (/dev/ttyUSB0), which will be used for both modem commands & responses (AT commands) and data (PPP).In this case, when a network connection is established, the TTY device will pass a single PPP datastream, and

By default, /etc/ppp/options is used option /etc/ppp/options.pptpd # Server IP in local network localip # IP address ranges used to assign IPs to new connecting clients # Here we define two ranges for our 192.168.1.* subnet: 234-238 and 245 remoteip,

When u try to start the server using this command “pppoe-server -C isp -L -p /etc/ppp/allip -I eth1” nothing shows up,, just the command runs without any errors …nothing shows up in the system log if the pppoe service has started or not thanks. I am using linux … A PPPoE Implementation for Linux Sep 08, 2000 Setting up a PPPoE server on Linux (CentOS)