Apr 22, 2020

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. taomoto@hotmail.com address is different in each one. there is an attachment called medsonline … Delivery-Status-Notification in sendmail 8.8 and later Getting a delivery-status-notification by using the return-receipt-to: header in sendmail 8.8.5. Delivery-Status-Notification in sendmail 8.8 and later header, it will treat it as if -Nsucess,delay,failure was given on the command line, or the equivalent DSN sequence was specified in the ESMTP dialog. Note: Message retry, resubmit, and expiration intervals Configuration options for delay DSN messages. After each message delivery failure, the Edge Transport server or the Transport service on the Mailbox server generates a delay delivery status notification (DSN) message and queues it for delivery to the sender of the undeliverable message. Hotmail的Delivery Status Notification (Delay)邮件是什么? - 知乎 最近用Hotmail发邮件,总在发出后的几个小时收到Hotmail发出的Delivery Status Notification (Delay)提醒,告诉我邮件发送被推迟了,这时问收件人是否收到邮件,对方告知没有,之前都挺正常。请问这情况为什么会发生,如何避免?对方还能收到此邮件吗? 显示全部

Email Delivery Status. Keep informed about your Email Campaign's delivery status with these notification options: Sign up to receive emails with delivery updates. See Set up message envelope. View delivery status updates on the Review the delivery status and details page. Tip: To open this page, click Email > Email Campaigns.

Delivery Status Notification (Delay) Apr 01, 2010 Gettings 1000's of emails a day 'postmaster@hotmail.com

Has any other Hotmail users started getting these in the past 24 hours? I have sent out lots and lots of emails in the last 24 hours or so, but getting a delay notice 12 hours later sure is a pain, even if it is just a few. This is what the message says, This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE

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