It was really fun to build. If you a) need a new router or b) want to cut your teeth on a single-board ARM project, this could be a good fit. Part One: Hardware. Technically you could put together a router using any computer with two NICs, but we can do equally well …

2 days ago · NanoPi R2S Review Build a Secure Cheap Portable Router. After covering FrienldyElec FriendlyWrt (OpenWrt), Linux distribution advantages in providing excellent security at almost zero cost comes the newest fresh NanoPi R2S SBC. The new board comes with a few significant hardware improvements compared to the “older” NanoPi R1 board series that were based on Allwinner H3/H5 … networking - Router Disconnecting randomly ! Bad Password 3 hours ago · The router receives internet connection through a ethernet connection. For the client side (my laptop) : OS :: linux 16.04; network manager :: wicd; ipv6 disabled; Encryption :: WPA 1/2 (Hex[0-9/A-F]) wicd is configured to only this network; I am using a tp link usb wifi adapter to connect to network. Power management turned off, ipv6 disabled. Buildbotics Open-Source CNC Controller Accelerate your CNC machine's performance with Buildbotics Open-Source CNC router, mill, plasma and LASER control. Call us 707-559-8539. Setting Up a Network Firewall - Linux From Scratch Mar 05, 2020

Dec 13, 2017

VyOS – Open source router and firewall platform Enterprise Router And Firewall. VyOS supports stateful firewall for both IPv4 and IPv6 including zone-based firewall, as well as multiple types of NAT (one to one, one to many, many to many). Support for QoS and policy-based routing allows you to ensure optimal handling of the traffic flows. Building a XDP (eXpress Data Path) based peering router

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

May 04, 2019